33207 Ardley 5 September 2009

Joint Line Railtours ran their first special train on 5 September 2009 utilising a WCRC Class 33 & 37 in top'n'tail formation. 33207 Jim Martin is pictured here approaching Ardley in a very lucky patch of sunshine with the 1Z37 06:45 Worksop to Claydon LNE Junction (via Marylebone) 'Merry-le-Bone' railtour. Rather confusingly the headboard reads 'The Master Cutler'! 37516 is bringing up the rear. I had wanted to get a picture of this train on the Chiltern line, rather than opt for somewhere like Banbury, which sees far more diesel hauled specials. I had considering going to Fritwell, but looking at this picture it's certainly a good job I didn't, as that bridge (the second one in the distance) is completely in the shade.