37174 Yarnton 2 June 2004

37174 (unofficially named The Angel of the North) passes Yarnton on 2 June 2004 with the 6M65 18:16 Didcot to Carlisle Enterprise, which is effectively a MoD service. This was one of the 37174's final revenue earning workings, as it was moved into the WNTR tactical reserve pool at the end of the month and then withdrawn. As late as 2004 it was still possible to see a couple of freight trains hauled by heritage traction heading northwards in the Oxford area in the evening. Such was the case on this evening, as five minutes after this train passed, 37667 followed with the 6M28 18:28 Didcot to Bescot departmental working. Both these trains were booked for Class 66s and although other traction did turn up, to get two 37s and in sunshine was definitely a bonus!