37242 Whitemoor Junction 21 November 1998

37242 passes Whitemoor Junction on 21 November 1998 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z63 06:55 Crewe to Ely 'Crompton Pedigree' railtour. 33103 is on the rear of the train. It is seen here incorrectly taking the west curve. The train then came to a stand on the curve, before reversing, and then proceeding along the correct route, using the line on the right! The train is returning from Wisbech, and is passing (on the left) the site of the vast Whitemoor marshalling yard, and March motive power depot, all of which was just wasteland by this date. Happily there has been something of a renaissance since, although not for the Wisbech line, which is now disused.