50007 & 50049 Standish Junction 3 July 2021

50007 Hercules (masquerading on this side as scrapped 50034 Furious) & 50049 Defiance take the Swindon line at Standish Junction on 3 July 2021 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z96 16:40 Worcester Shrub Hill to Victoria 'Historic Worcester' VSOE railtour. The sun had come out briefly just before the train was due, but unfortunately was just starting to fade away again as it came into view. However, just a few minutes later it had gone completely. This partially sunny picture is a much better result than I initially was expecting to get, as just 15 minutes earlier it had been extremely dark and pouring with rain. The headboard reads: '1991 - 30 Years of Preservation - 2021 The Fifty Fund'.