50007 Stoulton 24 January 2019

50007 passes Stoulton on 24 January 2019 with the 5Z50 08:30 St Philips Marsh to Long Marston ECS, conveying a set of off lease GWR HST coaches for storage. Note the area of filler under the side window, which is preparation for the loco's imminent repaint into GBRf colours. Like a lot of formerly neglected Cotswold Line locations, this spot has received a much belated visit from the chainsaw gang, opening up the view nicely. I hadn't noticed it when I took the picture, but the tower of Stoulton church can just be seen in the distance, on the left. The bridge in the background is the site of one of the Cotswold Line's very few accidents, when a train became derailed in 1984.