50021 Shipton 6 April 1983

50021 Rodney speeds through Shipton station on 6 April 1983 with the 1A73 07:05 Hereford to Paddington service. Plenty has changed since this picture was taken. The small waiting shelter on the down platform with the ornate canopy disappeared very soon after this picture was taken. It is also amazing just how few trees there are in this view compared with today. Note the selection of classic 1970s cars (all probably best forgotten) in FWP Matthews car park on the left. A Ford Fiesta, Austin 1800, Renault 16 and an Austin Allegro. Oh, and of course on the other side of the line there is my white (with trendy 1970s black vinyl roof) Vauxhall Cavalier! The Cavalier is long gone, and I presume the other cars have long since rusted away, but at least 50021 is still with us.