50023 Milton 29 April 1990

50023 Howe passes Milton on Sunday 29 April 1990 with the 5A77 11:30 Old Oak Common to Plymouth ECS. This was in preparation for the 1A77 17:07 Plymouth to Paddington service. It does seem a bit perverse to run this all the way from London to Devon as empty stock! This view has now changed completely. Both Howe and Didcot Power Station are no more, and the fact that roadside trees have now mostly obscured this view hardly matters, as the line has been electrified, and so there is no longer a view to be had! The field in the foreground on the right is now covered by an industrial estate, and it cannot be long before the ever expanding sprawl of Didcot's housing covers the field to the right of the A4130 in the background.