50026 Finstock 23 August 1978

50026 Indomitable speeds through Finstock station on 23 August 1978 with the 1B78 12:50 Paddington to Worcester train, at a time when virtually all services on the Cotswold Line were loco hauled. Although technically not a very good picture, this is included not only for the reason that it is one of my first railway photos, but also because it shows Finstock station largely in its original condition. The old down platform in the foreground became disused in 1971 when the line was singled, but during 1986 the track was realigned into the centre of the formation and a new platform built on the down side. I would not normally include quite so much bland sky in the picture, but this was deliberate in order to show the steam age telegraph poles still in situ by the road.