50031 & 50049 Pitlochry 16 June 2006

After over a two hour break in Perth, 50031 Hood & 50049 Defiance with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 06:40 Swindon to Inverness 'Orcadian' railtour approach Pitlochry on 16 June 2006. As it does for much of the way between Perth and Inverness, the railway runs close to the A9 here. A long lens was used here to bring up the hills in the background, and to be honest to clear an awkward bush in the foreground! Just before the train came the late evening sun came out, and as can be seen there is nothing on the right side of the line to cast shadows. Unfortunately I wasn't that lucky, and the only sun when it came was on the trees in the background.