50034 Combe 10 June 1984

The trouble with photographing engineering trains employed in Sunday track possessions is that they often don't move for hours on end, and are sometimes in nearly unphotographable positions! Such was the case on 10 June 1984, when 50034 Furious was being employed in a track relaying possession at Combe, on the Cotswold Line. High up on an embankment, with bushes in the way, the only way to photograph it was with a long lens from a nearby hillside. However, despite the fact that the view is still partly obscured by bushes, this is a very interesting picture, as although Class 50s were common on the Cotswold Line at the time on passenger trains, it was an unusual choice (and a slightly overpowered one!) to be used on a train of just five vacuum braked open wagons and a brake van. Combe church can be seen in the background.