50036 Waltham St Lawrence 2 June 1989

50036 Victorious passes Waltham St Lawrence on 2 June 1989 with the 1F17 07:19 Didcot to Paddington Network South East service. This morning peak working stopped at all major stations once past Reading. It is in fact here accelerating away from Twyford station (just beyond the bridges in the background). This was a bit of a strange diagram at the time, as the train started from Oxford at 06:45, but ran ECS to Didcot as the 5F17. After arrival at the capital, it did nothing all day until the 1F60 18:20 Paddington to Maidenhead, followed by more ECS mileage - the 5F60 onwards to Oxford. Easy work for a Class 50, especially with load six.