50038 Chilson 26 April 1986

Under a perfect blue sky, 50038 Formidable emerges from under the road bridge at Chilson on 26 April 1986 with the 1A18 07:00 Hereford to Paddington 'Cathedrals Express' service. I suppose it does give the impression of a parcels train, rather than a passenger service, with the GUV being the only vehicle completely visible. A standard feature of the Cotswold Line loco hauled trains at the time, the GUV provided plenty of storage for bicycles, etc. Although effective at framing the picture, I am always worried about getting this type of picture right, as the potential to cock it up is always there. Not being able to see the train until it appears under the arch (although with a Class 50 you could certainly hear it!), means that lightning reflexes are called for. Naturally a 1/1000sec shutter speed is essential. Today I would probably use an even higher speed, but the venerable Pentax 6x7 only went up to 1/1000sec!