50040 & 97250 Oxford 5 November 1988

How's this for something completely different! There can't have been many occasions when a Class 50 worked with an Ethel (ex Class 25 locomotive), in fact this is probably the only one! 50040 Centurion passes through Oxford station on 5 November 1988 with a motley collection of coaching stock and brake vans, with 97250 Ethel 1 (the former 25310) at the head of the formation. It is working from Oxford Carriage Sidings to Old Oak Common, as part of a move from Etches Park to Marylebone. The original move had been on 26 October, but for some reason this was terminated at Oxford. Once 97250 got to Old Oak nothing happened to it, and in 1991 it was moved to Inverness, where again nothing happened. It was finally scrapped in 1994. I was lucky to get this shot, as I was originally on Walton Well Road bridge, to the north of the station, and it was only when I saw 50040 getting ready to depart that I noticed the 25. A quick drive round to the Osney Lane bridge proved to be just in time. It's a good job there isn't much traffic in Oxford on a Saturday morning!