50042 Cullompton 1 August 1990

50042 Triumph ambles past the remains of Cullompton station on 1 August 1990 with the 6C55 14:37 Bristol East to Exeter Riverside departmental working. One of my lasting regrets is how few pictures I took of the Class 50s during their period of departmental use in 1989-91. However, this has got to be one of my favourite pictures of the few that I did manage to take. It was also the last occasion on which I saw 50042 on the mainline, it being withdrawn a couple of months later. The old goods shed and derelict platforms make an excellent backdrop. There is even the post of one of the nameboards still surviving on the up platform amid the weeds. All this has now been swept away, and the background to this view is now a much less photogenic motorway service station.