50045 Charlbury 20 March 1988

50045 Achillies arrives at a slightly damp Charlbury station on 20 March 1988 with the 1B33 14:00 Paddington to Hereford service, a train that was marketing as an InterCity service, but ran with Network SouthEast stock. Note the platform extension under construction, providing a much needed addition to the extremely short platform that had existed up until then. In marked contrast to today, the car park is virtually empty (admittedly this is a Sunday), and one of those cars is mine. The white Vauxhall Cavalier provided me with seven years of railway photography transport, and reached what at the time seemed a very high mileage of 137,000 miles. In the light of the mega mileage I would later do in the Honda Accord, that seems like nothing at all!