50047 Cam & Dursley 11 October 1986

50047 Swiftsure approaches the site of Coaley Junction, and what would later become Cam & Dursley station, with the 1V55 09:20 Liverpool to Penzance service on 11 October 1986. Until recently I considered this an unrecoverable image, as it was taken on the only roll of film that I deliberately uprated. Pushing transparency film one stop theoretically has a minimal effect on the image quality, but whether the lab did something wrong, or perhaps Ektachrome 100 doesn't like being pushed, I don't know. The slide has a terrible purple cast, far worse than a forty year old badly stored Agfa slide! Thankfully, Photoshop has come to the rescue and (nearly) restored the image to what it should have been. The reason for wanting ISO 200 film, was that when using a Pentax 6x7 with a 200mm lens, ISO 100 film is on the very border of what can be used reliably. I had to wait for Fujichrome 400 to be improved years later before the problem was finally resolved.