50049 & 50007 Abbotswood 23 January 2020

50049 Defiance & 50007 Hercules with former ScotRail Caledonian Sleeper Mk3 coach 10706, approach Abbotswood on 23 January 2020, running as the 5Z50 09:00 Laira to Long Marston. As this was such a short train, I decided to go for this broadside picture, which includes Abbotswood Farm in the background. The problem with taking this kind of picture is that you have to be stood the correct distance from the line in order to get the train the right size in the picture, which is difficult to judge beforehand. Luckily a Class 170 passed by just before this, and I realised that I was standing much too close, so had to trudge further back through the muddy field in order to be in the right place!