56007 Oxcroft Junction 1 September 1991

56007 has just passed Oxcroft Junction on 1 September 1991, as it runs along the freight only line from Staveley with the 2G91 10:20 Worksop to Elmton & Creswell Worksop Depot Open Day Special. 58040 Cottam Power Station is on the rear of the train. Oxcroft Junction can be seen in the background, with the steeply graded line to Oxcroft Coal Disposal Point peeling away to the left. This passes underneath the M1 motorway a short distance further on. I passed over the line many hundreds of times whilst driving up and down the M1, and saw numerous trains in the former colliery site, but unfortunately never ventured off the motorway to get a picture. Too late now, as the line closed in 2007.