67023 & 67027 Shipton 10 December 2021

There's no disguising what these two locomotives have been doing for the last couple of months! After working almost continuously on the local Rail Head Treatment Train since early October, 67023 Stella & 67027 Charlotte ended up at Hinksey in early December 2021 to work a series of route learning trips over the Cotswold Line. Several of these were cancelled, but on the morning of 10 December 2021, the 1Z09 09:23 Hinksey to Hinksey (via Evesham) did actually run, so I went to Shipton to record the 'RHTT brown' liveried pair passing through the diminutive station. The sign on the right is the redundant 'HST Stop' board - look how far it is from the station's platform.