58024 Hubbert's Bridge 1 September 2002

Anglers on the prosaically named South Forty Foot Drain at Hubbert's Bridge take no notice of the historic train that passes them on 1 September 2002. 58024 heads the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z59 15:30 Skegness to Kings Cross 'Bone Idol' railtour - the final Class 58 passenger train, on what was the penultimate day in traffic for the class. Unfortunately the perfect reflection I had hoped for was slightly spoiled by the wind causing ripples just at the wrong moment! Strangely in view of the important nature of the working and the ideal location for a picture, I didn't notice any other photographers in the vicinity. Note the local landmark of St Botolph's Church tower at Boston (the Boston Stump) in the background behind the rear coaches.